The Abbot’s Shoes is a revolutionary, true tale of a man casting aside career, comfort and consumerism in a fervent hunt for God that led to a quiet New Zealand monastery. Radical and beautiful, witty and blinding, it’s a perfect kick in the arse for the “I want it now”, social media-driven times we live in. This book is the most inspiring and thought provoking I’ve read in a long while.

Miriam Clancy, Singer-songwriter
New York City, USA


I am grateful for The Abbot’s Shoes. It is a rare and valuable book. Peter Robertson is one of the most important voices in our generation. Through his writing and lifestyle, Peter has been a plumbline for me and my family for years. I cannot more earnestly commend him as a man and a messenger.

Dalton Thomas
Director-Founder, Frontier Alliance International
Georgia, USA


As a searching 30-year-old, restless in my faith journey and as part of a research paper, I once spent time with Father Joe at Southern Star Abbey.  Two decades on, when Peter asked me to have an initial read of his book, I felt privileged and looked forward to a return visit … albeit via the pages of a book. I wasn’t disappointed. Peter has captured the spirit of Southern Star, the monks and their philosophy with candid sincerity. The reader is drawn into the history, stories, laughter and wisdom of the Community that has clearly shaped the thoughts and lives of those who have ventured in. We also get a window into the articulate, wise and erudite mind of Peter Robertson as he shares a few chapters of his remarkable life in The Abbot’s Shoes.

Susan Mudford
Head of Christian Education, Saint Kentigern College
Auckland, New Zealand


The Abbot’s Shoes riveted me to the spot. In the business of life, post-graduate study, and my ministry in the Inner West of Sydney, Australia, it transfixed me. It is a beautifully scripted work that deserves to stand with writers such as Thomas Merton and C.S. Lewis. It is full of a spirituality of great humility and honesty, and therefore a truly inspiring book.  One that you would recommend to your best and trusted Christian friends. It is a radical work and not for the faint-hearted. But don’t we need such shock therapy if the Church is going to renew itself in the 21st century? Here is the much needed jolt to our torpor. Would that Peter’s vision becomes a reality in Aotearoa-New Zealand and beyond.

Rev. David N. Williams
Chaplain, Newington College
Sydney, Australia


I wholeheartedly recommend this little book to anyone with more than a passing interest in spiritual formation and the future of Christianity. It’s a humble hymn of thanks … a work of love and reverence that pleads a convincing case for contemplative formation across the whole Body of Christ. The ancient monastic, sacramental and liturgical traditions belong to us all and it’s incumbent on all of us, as Christians, to discover our paternity in them.

Rev. James Clark
Sherborne, England


We organise many conferences to inspire the Church, but often overlook the most fundamental and foundational aspects of the faith such as prayer. In The Abbot’s Shoes in his engaging, delightful style Peter issues a very timely call to the Church to pray.  After many years as an itinerant messenger to the Church, Peter is calling us back to the real power source of our faith … our close, intimate walk with God  where “prayer is work and work is prayer”.

Very Rev. Ray Coster
Past Moderator General Assembly
Presbyterian Church of New Zealand


The Abbot’s Shoes Copyright © 2015, 2018 by Peter Robertson. All Rights Reserved.


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